1. Who is eligible to purchase?

Shoppers must be 18 years or older.

2. Qualified shoppers

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Faculty and Staff
  • Parents of students below 18 years of age


2.1.    Full and part time students, teachers and faculty and staff enrolled at or employed by an accredited Educational Institution as:

2.1.1.     Academic or vocational institutions accredited by the applicable governmental regulatory agency in the country in which the educational institutions have their principal offices.

2.1.2.     Academic or vocational institutions are public or private primary, secondary or higher education school providing full-time instruction. This includes nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, grammar schools, schools for the handicapped, teacher training colleges, technical colleges, further education colleges, research institutes, adult education centers and State run or State subsidized facilities for the re-training of the unemployed.

2.2.    Full time students of Educational Institutions as:

2.2.1.     Home schools approved in writing.

2.2.2.     Teaching hospitals or medical training schools - wholly owned and operated by an Educational Establishment.

2.2.3.     Public Research Establishments


2.3.   Parents of students as described in section 2.1. but who have not completed 18 years of age may purchase on behalf of their child.


3. Persons that do not qualify as shoppers

3.1.    Students not currently enrolled at an accredited Education Institution

3.2.    Faculty and staff not currently employed at an accredited Education Establishment.

3.3.    Students, faculty, and staff who are not willing or able to provide appropriate identification

3.4.    Students, faculty, or staff enrolled or employed at the following mentioned educational entities:


3.4.1.     An academic or vocational institution NOT accredited by the applicable governmental regulatory agency in the country in which the educational institution has its principal offices.

3.4.2.     Hospitals not wholly owned and operated by an Educational Establishment; churches, religious organisations that are not accredited schools; military schools that do not grant academic degrees.

3.5.    Training centres or schools granting certificates for courses such as computer software training or job training that are not accredited schools. 

3.6.      Minors who have not yet completed 18 years of age